Medium Eye (M)

$ 16.95

Designed to wrap around 1.5 to 2 inch medium, such as a tube, rail, pipe or wooden object, for attaching to items that do not require the added strength of the larger straps. Examples include wrapping around ATV or motorcycle handle bars and frames, luggage racks, truck tool racks, securing items for transport that the strap can be wrapped around, pulley attachments, wrapping around trees to secure tent straps, to secure items to Jeep and dune buggy like vehicles with tubular structures, and securing items to fixed objects such as in windy conditions, etc. 

The hole diameter of the eye is 13/16 inches (.8125) or 20.63 mm. The recommended weight load is 1980 pounds with a breaking weight of 5,950 pounds. See other sizes for additional examples of use.

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