Q. Just what is a Jeri-Rigg?

 A. The Jeri-Rigg is a tie-down/anchor point/ attachment point/ strap that is used in conjunction with various securing mediums such as bungee cords, tie down straps, lanyards, ropes, carabineers, chains, etc. It eliminates the practice of wrapping bungee cords/tie down straps around an object and attaching the hook to itself, resulting in a poor connection, scratching, and slipping. The Jeri-Rigg provides a non-scratch, non-slip surface providing a safe and secure connection.


Q. How did you come up with the idea?

 A. I was loading an object into a trailer for transport. I hooked one end of my tie down strap in the trailers D ring and went to hook the other end of the tie down strap on the object I was transporting and found no place to attach the hook, except to wrap the tie down strap around the object and then hook it to itself. This could have caused it to scratch the paint and/or result in a poor connection or slipping.


Q. Why the name Jeri-Rigg?

 A. It is common to use the phrase “jerry rig” which roughly means to solve a problem with whatever tool or materials you have at hand. Having a set of these straps on hand can solve a lot of common every day problems whether it be transportation, construction, recreation, or around the home. One person commented to me “it’s like duct tape, endless uses, and handy to have around when you need it”. Since my name is Jerry I thought why not, it’s also an easy name to remember for marketing purposes. I did change the spelling to make it easier to Trademark.


 Q. How strong and durable is it?

 A. The Jeri-Rigg (Eye version) has a tested workload between 1100-3000 pounds and has a breaking strength between 3300-9000 pounds and comes in 4 sizes; the “Hook” version has a working load between 280-500 pounds and a breaking strength between 840-1500 pounds and comes in three sizes. The strap is made of 100% high strength polyester and the "eyes" are made of 316 marine grade stainless steel. It is designed to handle the toughest of elements and conditions.


Q. Are the hooks made of stainless steel too?

 A. No, but we wanted to make sure there would be no scratching of whatever item you wanted to hang from them. The hooks are made of 1020 steel, then powder coated to protect them from corrosion.


Q. How easy is it to use?

 A. The Jeri-Rigg can be applied or removed within seconds without any tools. It can also be used over and over again or as a permanent attachment.


Q Is the Jeri-Rigg just used for transportation?

 A. No! You can organize with it. Hang with it. Secure with it. Move with it. It is an easy and simple solution for hanging, holding, and hauling gear and equipment, and it can fasten just about anything. It offers campers, boaters, home-organizers and construction workers safety, durability and strength and offers easy, endless solutions for just about any project or adventure!


Q. Is there a warranty?

 A. Yes, we want you to be totally satisfied with our product. If for any reason you are not satisfied, just return it to us within 30 days and we will give you a full refund or exchange it for another product, your choice, no questions asked.


Q. How can I get more information?

 A. Checkout our Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter page for the location of our next trade show where you can get a live demonstration or give us a call.