Quickloader Ratchet Strap

The Quickloader ratchet strap makes the perfect companion for the Jeri-Rigg. It has a retractable strap that self adjusts and securely secures your load and eliminates the extra unused strap from flying in the wind or needing to be tied down. The large ratchet handle makes for easy ratcheting and releasing without pinching your fingers.

The QL 1500 has a 12-foot strap, a working load of 500 pounds and a breaking strength of 1500 pounds. It is sold in  2-packs only.

The QL4500 has a 15-foot strap, a working load of 1500 pounds and a breaking strength of 4500 pounds. It is sold as a single unit only. PLEASE NOTE: Only the Large Long and/or the Medium Eye Jeri-Rigg straps will fit the QL 4500 as it has a double hook at the ends of the strap.

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