Jeri-Rigg uses in daily activities

Transportation Solution

No convenient way to attach a bungee cord or tie down straps? Jeri-Rigg is your answer! This handy tool provides an attachment point to your bungee cord or tie down strap. Jeri-Rigg is great for camping, boating, transportation, storage, construction, around the home, and much more.

Roof Rack

Garage Space Remedy

Jeri-Rigg will be the perfect right hand man when it comes to fixing up the house. Save space and time by conveniently hanging garage items. Keep the the garage clutter free with this garage space remedy.

Bike Holder
Chair Holder
Tool Holder
Light Holder

Job Site Companion

Work is hard enough, let Jeri-Rigg do the hard work for you! Create multiple attachment points, organize both the truck bed and trailer. There is no task Jeri-Rigg cannot help to accomplish.

Trunk Attachment
Trailer Attachment
Trailer Tiedown
Trunk Hanger

Around The House

Not just for transportation and work, Jeri-Rigg provides for endless attachment possibilities. Many household and outdoor projects are made possible with both the hook and eye loop straps. Make it happen, no duct tape needed!

Closet Hanger
Deck Hanger
Ladder Hanger
Tree Hanger

Recreational Utility

Jeri-Rigg is designed for the great outdoors. Built with heavy duty construction and quality materials, be confident in knowing that Jeri-Rigg will pull through in any situation. Don't forget, Jeri-Rigg comes in a variety of sizes to compliment whatever the situation requires.

Trailer Attachment
Towing Attachment